Business Networking That Really Rocks

What is Business Networking?

Business Networking is the concept of meeting like-minded business professionals on a regular basis for the goal of increasing sales, revenue and brand awareness.

Humans are social animals, and we need to interact and gain support from different people in order to successfully grow personally and professionally.

That’s why business networking is such an important part of being a business owner. However, business networking is also utilized by many large corporations. These corporations send their best and brightest to local networking groups to gain the trust of the people in the community. Banks are a great example of this.

Why Local Networking?

Local networking is an extremely powerful tool to increasing your reach. Why? It works the same way as word-of-mouth marketing. It is a well-known fact that word-of-mouth marketing is the holy grail of marketing. When someone you trust and know refers you to a certain business or individual, you most likely will take that advice. 

Compare that to billboard ads, TV commercials, radio ads, or Internet advertising – conversion rates can be anywhere from 1-4%, if not less. Local referral marketing is accomplished through traditional business networking means, but also through online business networking.

What is Online Business Networking?

Online business networking is just an evolution of the business networking world. With platforms like Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom, individuals can now meet like-minded people without the need to commute, rent out a location or cater for food and coffee.

Online business networking can potentially reach a lot more people in your area since getting the word out can be blasted on social media and email marketing. Joining is easy, and as long as the meeting is structured correctly, it can be very beneficial to everyone on the video call.

How Does A New Small Business Make Contacts With Others?

Small business owners more than anyone else needs new customers. Sure, you might have created a website and social media accounts, but those take time to build and attract organic traffic. So, what choice do you have? Business networking. 

Some might think that spending their money on search ads or social ads might do the trick. However, advertising, in general, does not convert well unless you have an enormous budget. Money is better invested in joining an effective business network that is designed to increase your exposure to the most people possible.

How the MNO App Can Help You Grow?

MNO – the first business networking platform of its kind, has combined the worlds of business and music professionals. Not only do business professionals benefit from large networks that musicians have, but musicians can also offer referrals to people they meet along the way.

Why are music professionals such great networkers? Musicians are naturally outgoing and are always playing shows in different venues, and some travel the nation playing and promoting their music. This gives business professionals a unique opportunity to expand into networks they wouldn’t have been able to reach before.

Other than that, the MNO app is truly revolutionary. It takes business networking to another level by empowering its members to “play it forward” by using the app to make customized posts on social media, text messaging, or email. MNO is a rapidly growing online business networking platform that is unmatched in its capabilities.

Founded by two veterans of traditional business networking, Emo Alaeddin, and Melissa Levin, they bring with them vast experience and knowledge.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit a chapter and Register to Visit to receive your first Zoom link. We look forward to seeing you there and helping you grow your business AND following!