MNO: A Summary for Business Professionals

Jul 27, 2020 | MNO Blog


To revolutionize the music industry while building local businesses and their communities along the way.


Unlike any other industry, music is an experience that can be listened to or viewed. The reach of a successfully promoted musician has the potential to be in the thousands locally and even greater on a regional level.

To dispel the common myth that musicians may not be in the market to use a business professional’s services, they are influencers and are able to relay the business professional’s services to their fans effectively.

Unlike any other industry, a successful musician can sway the opinion of their fans with a single post.

There are cases where musicians have pulled up their fellow business professionals onto the stage and introduced them to their adoring fans. The results were new clients for the business professionals.

The very nature of a musician is that of a promoter. A musician in Music Network One promotes his fellow business professionals because of the Play It Forward philosophy.

Knowing that they’re not burdened by having to promote themselves as much frees them up to promote their fellow members.


Weekly meetings are designed to keep promotion of each other’s businesses alive and strong. Since the meetings are open to all and MNO has a strong inviting culture, there are usually around 10 new faces in the room.

The relationships and trust between the members grow in time as does the knowledge about each other’s music and business. This coupled with the opportunities generated by the weekly influx of visitors ensures the success of every member.


In order to ensure musicians and fellow members truly understand each other’s business, there are MNO sessions. These sessions that are scheduled between two members dig deeper into each other’s business to truly understand how to promote them. Opportunities are uncovered and referrals are usually generated during these more focused sessions.

Members use these sessions as a training of sorts to become each other’s most informed  sales force.


Supergroups are alliances that are formed between business professionals. In addition to the ease of passing their clients to each other’s complementary services, activities such as the below can bring in new clients and opportunities:

  • Workshops

  • Seminars

  • Client appreciation events

Musicians in the chapter may provide the entertainment to bring value to these events while providing exposure and new opportunities for the musicians.


Music is the only industry that provides an opportunity to have your business promoted to a captive audience.

MNO Shows are structured and planned performances by members and prospects, but are also major networking events.

In addition to promo material that would be available to the attendees of concert, business professionals are brought on to the stage to promote their business.

The crowd is given the opportunity to hear the “why” behind the business professional’s choosing of their career. Members of the audience who are in the market for a business professional’s services are more likely to hire them.


Play it Forward is the core philosophy of Music Network One. When every member is playing it forward for each other, the need to promote one’s own business isn’t as crucial.

The collective effort of an MNO chapter to promote each other always comes from the heart because of the strong bonds created through the weekly meetings, supergroup activities, sessions and the MNO shows.


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