MNO: Networking in the New World

Do you ever think to yourself “what I’d do to have my friends share my business links”

MNO has developed an amazing new networking system that combines entrepreneurs representing different businesses to promote each other on social media! This new approach to networking is made possible by the incredible link-sharing abilities of The MNO Member App.
Being an entrepreneur can be quite lonely, but when you join an MNO chapter you’ll get the help and support that you need to take your business to the next level.

So how does networking with MNO work?

It all starts with visiting a chapter

Naturally, finding the right fit of professionals is key in building out your network. Each MNO chapter contains members representing different businesses but with one thing in common. In fact, they’re looking to grow their businesses by helping grow others’ businesses.
When it feels like the right fit, you’d apply for membership and when approved you’d commit to being on the weekly zooms. These weekly zooms are fun, engaging, and effective in helping grow the bond between the members. Consequently, they also serve as an opportunity for the members to meet new connections every week. Indeed, visitors only attend these zooms once to promote their own businesses, but they do tend to be great connections for the members.

Next is the App:

Each member gets access to their own profile on the app, which is where a lot of the magic happens! As an entrepreneur, you have specific links that you want shared in specific areas and platforms. Moreover, you’ll be able to create what are called feature links that are shared by your members on social media.
Equally important, you’ll be able to store scripts that you members can use to introduce you to new potential clients. This feature ensures that the right message is sent in an easy and timely fashion.
Additionally, the MNO Member App is a fantastic logging tool that allows you to keep track of all links that have been shared. As a matter of fact, all activities that you do while networking in the app can be logged. These activities include referrals and business bucks passed between members.

Lastly is the learning!

Since there’s no such thing as a degree in networking, MNO has put a major focus on educating its members through LMNO. Firstly, these hour long trainings will give you all the tools you need to grow your business effectively. Secondly, they serve as guides in helping you pass more referrals to your fellow members. Thirdly, LMNO courses cover in the ever-changing world of social media and how to grow your following online.

Are you ready?

If you’re feeling pumped and ready to give membership a shot, we welcome you to visit one of our chapter zooms by registering to attend.
The link is below; we’ll see you on zoom!

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