“Play it Forward”

Online Business Networking That Rocks


MNO | Business Networking joins the two unlikeliest allies: the music industry and the business world. Come see what our online business networking platform can do for your business or following.

MNO is a network of local referral groups that meet weekly for an hour in a fun, immersive, and engaging experience that’s unlike all other referral groups.

MNO members are very active on social media and promote each others’ music or business through each other by way of the only-one-of-its-kind MNO Member App.

In addition to the weekly meetings, members join forces by participating in MNO Shows, which are in-person and online concerts, and MNO Seminars, which are in-person or online topical seminars. What makes these events so unique is that the business professionals get to give their commercials from the stage in between the artists and bands during the MNO Shows. Additionally, the artists and musicians are featured as guest performers during the MNO Seminars. Because they are sponsored by the chapters, they are promoted by everyone in the group thus ensuring great turnouts for the MNO Shows and MNO Seminars.

Original Musicians, or OMs, include solo artists, bands, and even musicians who are looking to get involved in a project with other musicians. They benefit from MNO by way of music promotion; MNO members share their music, events, and any other news on each other’s social media using the MNO App. OMs enjoy an increase in viewership, followers and likes, show attendance, but they also benefit by other members connected to people in the music industry that will help take their music to the next level.

Business professionals, or BPs, don’t have to be musical or involved with the music industry. In fact, most of the MNO BPs include realtors, lenders, financial advisors, insurance agents, event planner, but also recording studios, music teachers, and sessions musicians. BPs benefit from MNO by having their businesses shared on members’ social media sites, but they also benefit by receiving referrals by way of clients and connections to other professionals who will recommend their services to their clients.

And why would members promote each other instead of just focusing on themselves? Because they all believe in the concept of Play It Forward: selflessly giving with no expectation of getting something in return. But because they are playing it forward to each other by promoting members on their social media and making connections, they increase their chances dramatically of being promoted by others.

Our online business networking meetings are open for all visitors to attend and the the meetings are always full of BPs and OMs curious and eager to learn about and promote others in need of a helping hand.