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Business Professional Tier

$59 Monthly

This tier is reserved for business professionals looking to grow their business by way of exclusive referrals. Every MNO chapter offers only one seat for profession thus eliminating the competition. Every member will get exclusive access to the MNO Member App to build their profile, create links they’d like shared, and connect with other members who would grow their business.

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Musician and Music Services Tier 

No Monthly Fee

This tier is reserved for originals musicians and music services looking to grow their fanbase by way of music promotion. This is a non-exclusive seat, where multiple musicians and music service providers can join the same chapter. Members will get exclusive access to the MNO App to build their profile, create links they’d like shared, and connect with other members who would grow their fanbase and connections. Music Services can apply for exclusivity by applying as a business professional and be the sole representative of that profession (ie. recording engineer, music teacher, publicist) 

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*** Certain chapters are designated as ACT II Chapters.  New Applications for ACT II chapters are assessed a one-time $100 activation fee for both business professionals and musicians. Contact us at if you’re unsure whether or not a chapter your applying for is ACT II and up. Act I chapter members are considered founding members for that chapter and get the $100 activation fee waived. 

*** Businesses who wish to have any of their employees attend the meetings can opt for the corporate level for $79/month.  This level includes Virtual Backgrounds for any of their employees and separate logins for the MNO App..

***Business Professionals can only promote their approved specific category. Business Professionals who also play a musical instrument may, however, promote their music and upcoming events. Business professionals lock out competitors with their exclusive membership. If another member encroaches on another member’s category, it is up to the members to attempt to resolve this issue with each other. If they cannot resolve it directly with the member, they will need to submit an official complaint to the recording committee or by emailing . The final decision will be made by the executive producer of the chapter.

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