7 Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City

7 Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City

7 Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City

Whether you’re new to the area or a seasoned local, there’s just something so enthralling about living in Salt Lake City. The capital city of gorgeous Utah, Salt Lake City, or “SLC,” features beautiful sights, amazing architecture and plenty of delicious restaurants to visit.


If you’re looking for some inspiration of where to find the best breakfast, where to go on your next date night out or just a great spot to take in some local eats, we’re here to help. Here are seven of our favorite restaurants that you have to try in Salt Lake City.



For those of you that are breakfast lovers, this is definitely one of the best spots to try. This retro-inspired diner features classic favorites and new takes on timeless dishes for each and every meal.


Stop By:

Hub and Spoke Diner

1291 S 1100 E

SLC, UT 84105



Meet the perfect spot to stop for authentic Mexican eats, award-winning tamales and a family-friendly atmosphere. This local hot spot is perfect for anyone craving something truly delicious and decadent.


Stop By:

La Casa del Tamal

2483 S 5600 W

West Valley City, UT 84120



Craving some amazing pizza? This local SLC eatery is the perfect choice for you. The Nomad specializes in Neapolitan style pizzas with plenty of adult beverages on tap to accent your delicious pie.


Stop By:

Nomad East

1675 E 1300 S

SLC, UT 84105


In the mood for some seriously spicy authentic Korean food? Better head over to Myung Ga! This local spot boasts amazingly hot yet mouthwatering Korean dishes that will leave you craving more.


Stop By:

Myung Ga

3353 S Decker Lake Dr

West Valley City, UT 84119



If sandwiches, soups and other deli dishes are what you’re craving, Feldman’s Deli is the perfect local hot spot to visit. This amazing eatery features authentic Jewish cuisine and delicious bites that are perfect for the whole family.


Stop By:

Feldman’s Deli

2005 E 2700 S

SLC, UT 84109



In love with the idea of finding the perfect cup of coffee? This local spot will check all of your boxes, with a great menu of amazing options, specialty drinks, snacks and so much more.


Stop By:
3 Cups Coffee

4670 S Holladay Village Plaza #104

Holladay, UT 84117



When it comes to sushi, there’s nobody in SLC that comes close to Takashi. This Japanese-inspired restaurant brings the best of authentic cuisine with American influences to your table with each meal.


Stop By:


16 W Market St

SLC, UT 84101


Which of these amazing restaurants in Salt Lake City will you be visiting first?

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How To Decrease Expenses With Referral Groups

How To Decrease Expenses With Referral Groups

How To Decrease Expenses With Referral Groups

When managing our business, we’re all about the bottom line. Whether it’s through increasing referrals and resulting revenue or trimming the fat, so to speak, everything that we do in the world of business tends to fall back on the bottom line. And one of the most important parts of this is overhead costs in running our business.

But one of those costs that you might not be considering is the expense of keeping a fully staffed sales and/or marketing team in-house. After all, in this day and age of virtual expansion, you can easily find other, more affordable options to help keep the lights on at your business.

And one of those amazing ways to decrease expenses is through the use of referral groups. A convenient alternative to traditional marketing teams, referral groups help to cut the overhead costs while still providing you with all of the benefits of generating new leads and referrals. This method is also a great alternative to outsourcing your sales team in terms of dollars spent and revenue generated.

Cut the Overhead Costs

With a referral group, you can instantly slash the costs that your business faces. When employing a fully-staffed sales and / or marketing team, you’ll need to pay salaries, bonuses, and matching 401ks. When you outsource a sales team, you can help save on expenses to a degree, but you’re still stuck paying the fees.

By joining a referral group like MNO, you’re, in essence, onboarding a full sales and marketing team through your members without having to pay any commissions or salaries. You can reap the benefits of a great team with a global reach, without having to spend anything extra.

Building Lasting Relationships

When considering outsourcing a sales team vs. joining a referral group, there’s one aspect that stays center stage – relationships. With an outsourced sales team, you’re potentially sacrificing this important area. On the other hand, joining a referral group gives you the opportunity to build strong, unbreakable relationships with your fellow members due to the passing of referrals and connections between each other.

Get Ahead With MNO & Referral Networking

If you’re ready to take your reach to a whole new level and cut out expenses with referral groups, we’re here to help. With the MNO Member App, you have the ability to track all referrals passed and generated between members. In addition, you can also keep an eye on the actual business bucks generated from those referrals.

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Networking Events Near Me: How Digital Networking Is Changing The Game

Networking Events Near Me: How Digital Networking Is Changing The Game

Networking Events Near Me: How Digital Networking Is Changing The Game

In this day and age, the idea of in-person networking is quickly fading away into nonexistence. With 90% of the workforce in America moving to remote work, meeting and networking in person is becoming a thing of the past.

In fact, most entrepreneurs have readily shed this concept and started attending online networking events using such interfaces as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. These platforms allow the ability to bring together professionals from all over the world to network and source referrals in real-time, no travel required.

Troublesome Trends In Online Business Networking

But with so many distractions surrounding an entrepreneur’s life, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep attendees focused on the meetings that they decide to attend. Most attendees shut off their camera and only turn it on to announce what it is that they’re promoting! Once they’re done, they’ll turn off their camera or leave the meeting entirely. Talk about bad networking!

Another trend we’ve seen among entrepreneurs is that they try to join as many online networking events as possible, thinking that if they cast their net wide enough, they’ll be able to reel in more success in sourcing referrals. These serial networkers end up achieving the opposite in the end. They’re always the new face in the room and since networking is synonymous with relationship-building, success with this method is rare.

How To Find Success With Online Networking

Even with these troublesome trends, it’s still possible to find amazing success when networking online. If you’re new to the game and not sure where to start, we’re here to help.

When starting out with this method of networking, it’s always best to visit as many groups as possible to figure out where you feel most at home. Once you find that group, join it and become a part of the group’s success. This group should make you feel excited to attend regular meetings but also should have group priorities that are in line with your values and goals.

Additionally, if you offer services locally, it would be best to look for a local networking group, even if it meets online. If you offer services internally, you’ll want to join a networking group that allows the members to reach people in the markets that they serve.

Oftentimes, the process of finding the right group to join is a lengthy one, but it pays to take the time to find it. After all, good things do take time!

How MNO Can Help You Network Online

If you’re still feeling a bit stuck in the world of online networking, we’re here to help. Our MNO app combines the benefits of being in a local group with the reach of an international market. For example, an insurance agent can join the Nashville-based MNO chapter so that he can serve clients in the Nashville area. But if they’re also licensed in other states, the members will be able to share their feature links in groups and platforms that are in the other states that they are licensed in.

In regards to finding a group that you’ll actually look forward to attending every week, MNO combines members from many different industries, including real estate, financial services and music. Musicians can join to promote their music and are also a great source of referrals, just as business professionals can be a great source of exposure for musicians’ music.

Lastly, MNO employs an entire department that is dedicated to inviting new visitors to all of the chapter’s weekly meetings. This ensures that exciting new energy is brought to the meetings without the members being burdened with inviting new visitors every week.

Are you ready to get started with MNO and ace the online networking game? Visit a Chapter below!

How Business Networking Online Can Help You Reach New Customers

How Business Networking Online Can Help You Reach New Customers

How Business Networking Online Can Help You Reach New Customers

When it comes to building and expanding your network of clients and customers, there’s nothing quite like the power of word of mouth. This method is extremely effective in many, if not all, circles, as it is more like a personal recommendation rather than a professional business referral. However, it can quickly prove to be limiting if you’re not careful.

With traditional networking groups that rely on word-of-mouth referrals, you run the risk of getting stuck. This type of referral is only typically done when engaging with someone in need of a service, so you can quickly become limited on how far you can reach.

The Power Of Online Networking Groups

This is where online social networking groups can step in and help. A perfect complement to traditional word-of-mouth referrals, social media groups can cast a much wider net to hopefully attract new clients, with a potential worldwide reach.

When a member of your online social networking group or referral group shares your links on their social media, they’re in essence creating an ad for you with their signature or stamp of approval. Much like Yelp and other review-based websites, a referral group can help generate referrals between the members via their endorsement of each others’ products and/or services. A simple share on Instagram or a quick tweet can result in an influx of new potential clients.

How To Use Online Networking Groups

If you’re considering using an online social media networking group to help you generate referrals, chances are you’re already feeling stuck and have had a few key questions arise: “What links should be used? What should be specifically said about you? Where should the link be shared? What are we trying to accomplish with the link?”

With the MNO member app, you can easily answer all of the questions above and much more. Using the app, each member is allowed to not only designate which link(s) they want to be shared on social media but also where they want them shared (ex: in a Real Estate Group on Facebook, to their professional LinkedIn network), what should be stated to accompany the link, and what the end goal is in sharing the link (ex: landing a new client, increasing social media presence, etc.). These multifaceted links are called ‘Feature Links’ in MNO and the members share each others’ feature links in hopes of securing even more referrals than traditional word-of-mouth referrals.

In the MNO app, word-of-mouth referrals can be logged and tracked. The act of sharing feature links through the app across many social platforms and forums with just a few clicks have been proven to help both businesses’ and musicians’ business grow exponentially.

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The Best Practices Of Making Introductions Via Email

The Best Practices Of Making Introductions Via Email

The Best Practices of Making Introductions Via Email 

When it comes to making connections and expanding your network, referrals are key. But when it comes to sourcing new and unique prospects and referrals, it’s often a challenge to get your foot in the door. After all, a referral is just a lead without a proper introduction.

But how do you make a proper introduction without spending all of your time reaching the prospect and working to refresh their memory as to how they were recommended by a friend? If you’re feeling stuck, we’re here to help. Here are some of our best practices for making a proper introduction.

Use A Friendly, Well-Wordered Email

This method of making an introduction is universally accepted and works well for both business professionals as well as musicians. It’s approachable while still professional in nature and doesn’t carry the pressure of a typical cold call.

If You’re Stuck, Go With A Template

Many of us aren’t familiar with the typical day-to-day of sending an introduction email. In the MNO Member App, members are allowed to create template emails that their fellow members can use. These templates are designed to help make those introductions effective in making the prospect excited about being connected with and potentially working with them.

These templates are also useful for both business professionals looking to expand their networks as well as musicians seeking connections with venue owners, booking agents, and more.

Go With A Tried-And-True Option

When members upload successful templates, they allow for members of their network to take action and reach success as well. For example, one MNO member, Moabi Kotu, created an email template for his band and saved it on his profile on the MNO Member App. When fellow musician, Emo Alaeddin, used the MNO app to send the email to a couple of local venues, one ended up booking Moabi for a paid gig. The show was a success and now Moabi is booking even more performances with the venue.

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