Sessions: the Best Use of Networking

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Six Ways to Play it Forward in Networking (Part 2): MNO Sessions

The second installment of our blog series will focus on the difference between regular meetings and MNO sessions.

A session is when a professional meets with another professional in order to build relationships.

What are MNO Sessions?

But what’s the difference between regular meetings and MNO Sessions? Well, the MNO session has a few added elements than just a conversation or presentation.

  1. Each professional has a list of questions that their fellow professional can ask about their own business. Moreover, these member questionnaires serves as a way to elaborate more on what they in a more engaging way. This question/answer format encourages more interaction between the members and keeps the questioner plugged in. The two members takes 25 minutes on each others’ session questionnaires.
  2. The 10 remaining minutes of the hour long MNO session allows each of the members to like and invite their Facebook pages or other external sites.
  3. In addition to liking and inviting a couple of friends to like or follow, the two members can give each other an online review or testimonial.
  4. If a member thinks of a friend or family member that may be interested in their member’s service, music, or upcoming event, they can qualify these leads by reaching out to them inquiring about their service.
  5. If they respond with an interest in connecting with your fellow member, make that introduction and BOOM there’s a referral to your member. When you pass a referral to someone, you’ve created a window of opportunity for you to receive referrals from that member.
  6. The 10-minute activities portion of the session ensures that we are putting words into action.

LMNO: Sessions

MNO offers a more in-depth training on MNO Sessions via their online trainings LMNO. You can become a member of MNO and access their numerous networking trainings including LMNO Sessions. It starts with a visit to any one of their networking meetings that they hold throughout the week.

MNO: The Alternative to Traditional Networking

Fortunately, there’s a California-based company called MNO that developed an app that makes all what we suggested possible. The MNO Member App allows members to share others’ links across social media in a more effective way than ads.

Members create and share each others’ links through the app on social media in order to build each others’ business.

What’s also great about the app is that it sends out helpful notifications. This notification is designed to entice the member to play it back to their fellow member and share their link in return.

If you’d like to visit an MNO chapter and promote your business one of our networking zooms, click here and register to attend. You can also visit their Facebook page to learn more. These zooms give a glimpse of the MNO Member App as well as a chance to meet other professionals.

Log Sessions with the MNO Member App

A screenshot of the MNO Member App

MNO App posts directly to any platform

The MNO Member App The MNO Member App The MNO Member App The MNO Member App The MNO Member App The MNO Member App The MNO Member App The MNO Member App

Next Article: Part 3 – Referrals & Business Bucks

There are so many other great ways to play it forward in the world of networking. Next month, we will cover how giving referrals can be a great way to play it forward and build your business.