How Business Networking Online Can Help You Reach New Customers

How Business Networking Online Can Help You Reach New Customers

How Business Networking Online Can Help You Reach New Customers

When it comes to building and expanding your network of clients and customers, there’s nothing quite like the power of word of mouth. This method is extremely effective in many, if not all, circles, as it is more like a personal recommendation rather than a professional business referral. However, it can quickly prove to be limiting if you’re not careful.

With traditional networking groups that rely on word-of-mouth referrals, you run the risk of getting stuck. This type of referral is only typically done when engaging with someone in need of a service, so you can quickly become limited on how far you can reach.

The Power Of Online Networking Groups

This is where online social networking groups can step in and help. A perfect complement to traditional word-of-mouth referrals, social media groups can cast a much wider net to hopefully attract new clients, with a potential worldwide reach.

When a member of your online social networking group or referral group shares your links on their social media, they’re in essence creating an ad for you with their signature or stamp of approval. Much like Yelp and other review-based websites, a referral group can help generate referrals between the members via their endorsement of each others’ products and/or services. A simple share on Instagram or a quick tweet can result in an influx of new potential clients.

How To Use Online Networking Groups

If you’re considering using an online social media networking group to help you generate referrals, chances are you’re already feeling stuck and have had a few key questions arise: “What links should be used? What should be specifically said about you? Where should the link be shared? What are we trying to accomplish with the link?”

With the MNO member app, you can easily answer all of the questions above and much more. Using the app, each member is allowed to not only designate which link(s) they want to be shared on social media but also where they want them shared (ex: in a Real Estate Group on Facebook, to their professional LinkedIn network), what should be stated to accompany the link, and what the end goal is in sharing the link (ex: landing a new client, increasing social media presence, etc.). These multifaceted links are called ‘Feature Links’ in MNO and the members share each others’ feature links in hopes of securing even more referrals than traditional word-of-mouth referrals.

In the MNO app, word-of-mouth referrals can be logged and tracked. The act of sharing feature links through the app across many social platforms and forums with just a few clicks have been proven to help both businesses’ and musicians’ business grow exponentially.

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The Best Practices Of Making Introductions Via Email

The Best Practices Of Making Introductions Via Email

The Best Practices of Making Introductions Via Email 

When it comes to making connections and expanding your network, referrals are key. But when it comes to sourcing new and unique prospects and referrals, it’s often a challenge to get your foot in the door. After all, a referral is just a lead without a proper introduction.

But how do you make a proper introduction without spending all of your time reaching the prospect and working to refresh their memory as to how they were recommended by a friend? If you’re feeling stuck, we’re here to help. Here are some of our best practices for making a proper introduction.

Use A Friendly, Well-Wordered Email

This method of making an introduction is universally accepted and works well for both business professionals as well as musicians. It’s approachable while still professional in nature and doesn’t carry the pressure of a typical cold call.

If You’re Stuck, Go With A Template

Many of us aren’t familiar with the typical day-to-day of sending an introduction email. In the MNO Member App, members are allowed to create template emails that their fellow members can use. These templates are designed to help make those introductions effective in making the prospect excited about being connected with and potentially working with them.

These templates are also useful for both business professionals looking to expand their networks as well as musicians seeking connections with venue owners, booking agents, and more.

Go With A Tried-And-True Option

When members upload successful templates, they allow for members of their network to take action and reach success as well. For example, one MNO member, Moabi Kotu, created an email template for his band and saved it on his profile on the MNO Member App. When fellow musician, Emo Alaeddin, used the MNO app to send the email to a couple of local venues, one ended up booking Moabi for a paid gig. The show was a success and now Moabi is booking even more performances with the venue.

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How Can A Business Professional Build Your Fanbase?

How Can A Business Professional Build Your Fanbase?

How Can A Business Professional
Build Your Fanbase?

When it comes to making it in the music industry, it often comes down to one thing: your fans. Whether you have one super-dedicated fan or thousands of them across the country, your fans are some of your biggest advocates and contributors to your success.

But building a strong fanbase can be a huge challenge to overcome. Sure, you can grab some at a local venue or when you’re opening for a bigger band, but you can only go so far in your immediate vicinity. How do you expand your reach and really grow your fanbase?

The answer? Easy – look outside of the typical places. Get your mind out of the little box that you’ve placed yourself in and expand your horizons. Go for something a little more unexpected, like a business professional.

Feeling a little confused about why you should be hitting up business professionals to help you really grow your fanbase? Here are some reasons why they should be the number one networking contacts on your list.


Let’s step back and think for a minute – Drake, no doubt, has a CPA and a financial advisor. Also, undoubtedly this relationship between Drake and his financial advisor is a strong one and is further cemented through the great work that the financial advisor does in growing the value of his assets. A simple, “Can I forward you a link of a friend of mine who’s doing music?” could truly help open the doors to a musician friend.


Did you know that corporate or business events typically pay exponentially more than a regular bar or venue gig? Many associations and corporations tend to lean towards internal referrals for their event musicians. With a business professional as a contact, you can easily be recommended and selected to perform at upcoming galas, seminars, awards ceremonies, and more that would help build up your fanbase and revenue.


Many business professionals maintain huge lists of clients, prospects, and connections. If they were to add a link to your music to their monthly newsletter, it would definitely bring engagement to your music and help build your fanbase.


Many business pros have a budget set aside to host fun and exciting client appreciation events. Something as memorable as inviting them to a local music venue to watch your live music would benefit both you as an artist as well as them, as it would strengthen the relationship between the business professional and their client.


Rather than them sticking to the old-fashioned branded coffee cups and hats, business professionals may find themselves thinking outside of the box and be interested in sharing your merch with their clients. This, in turn, will help turn these clients into fans. Plus, if they’re wearing your merch around town, your name will get out there even more!

All in all, don’t forget to expand your horizons and reach outside of the music industry to build your fanbase. And when you find a business professional that really helps you out, pay it forward. Focus on bringing them referrals and opportunities and they’ll continue to help you build your growing fanbase.

Interested in getting in touch with some amazing business professionals? The MNO app makes it easy, bringing together like-minded music industry moguls and amazing business professionals.

How Can A Musician Generate Referrals For Your Business?

How Can A Musician Generate Referrals For Your Business?

How Can A Musician Generate Referrals
For Your Business?

In this day and age, referrals are key to a healthy and thriving business. After all, nothing beats a personal recommendation from a trusted contact when looking for new business! But after spending years and years working your network, reaching out to your go-to contacts, and attending networking events, it’s often pretty easy to hit a wall in finding new referrals. There’s only so far you can go with the same group of people!

But how do you break through this wall when you’ve exhausted your reach within the industry? Easy – look outside the box. Go somewhere completely unexpected and new to find fresh contacts and promising referrals that you may not have considered and/or had access to before.

Ready to take on that wall and get new referrals and boost your business? We have the perfect place to look for you – the music industry. But why consider musicians? They’re typically not involved in the business world and seem a little out of touch with what you’re looking for, right? Wrong. Musicians are an untapped resource of new business referrals, whether you’re a real estate agent or a financial advisor.

Still on the fence about tapping the music industry for new referrals? Here are some must-know reasons to branch out for your immediate consideration.


Let’s talk about something we’re all definitely familiar with – professional loyalty. Most industries are already familiar with referral groups and networks, and often have pre-existing loyalties to their groups that are difficult to break or break into. It can take years of time and effort to even make a dent!

On the other hand, because business professionals have rarely if ever networked with musicians, it’s highly unlikely that there are already pre-existing loyalties within your industry. In other words, they’re a clean slate and when they come across a referral opportunity, they are more likely to refer that person to someone they know and trust in their network, like you!


Let’s take a step back for a minute and talk about the word ‘fan.’ Derived from the root-word ‘fanatic,’ this word refers to someone who is a loyal follower or admirer of another. No matter what level a musician is at in their career, they more than likely have at least one fan. That one fan could potentially be a client for every single member in the musician’s referral group. Better yet, if a musician joins a referral group, they can even notify their fans that they’ve joined a music networking group and need help promoting its members. This will help open the doors of opportunities with other music industry professionals, including booking agents, radio hosts, venues and opening slots for national acts.


In the music world, it’s all about connections. But, a misconception lies in that these connections only come from the music industry. Most big breaks for musicians actually come from people who know people within the industry. For example, a financial planner’s newest client could be the organizer for the Coachella Music Festival, or the mortgage lender’s next-door neighbor could be the drive-home DJ for the city’s most popular radio show.

The ease of making an introduction or sharing a musician’s music with these high-value connections can potentially be the catalyst that transforms them into a national icon. And, once they’ve amassed thousands of new fans, earned plenty of new income, and networked with well-established musicians, producers, and promoters, they’ll never forget the members of the referral group that helped them back when they were nobodies.

You hear musicians say it all the time: “They’ll be sorry when I make it big one day.” Luckily, the opposite is also true. Can you imagine the impact on a business professional’s business when their website is shared with a musician’s millions of loyal fans?

Ready to take the plunge and start networking with up-and-comers in the music industry? MNO is here to help you get started. With just a couple of clicks, an MNO member can share their fellow member’s links using the right wording to help them grow their business via referrals. Musician members have demonstrated numerous times that their shares generate more referrals for their fellow members than those of business professionals.

What are you waiting for? Start growing your business now with MNO!

10 Tips On How To Generate Referrals

10 Tips On How To Generate Referrals

10 Tips On How To Generate Referrals

When it comes to building your business, there’s nothing quite like a well-intentioned and well-thought-out referral. After all, nothing quite beats a personal touch when it comes to growing a business! Referrals from trusted connections are often more effective than an old-fashioned sales pitch, as they’re seen as more an endorsement than a straight-up sale. But how do you effectively generate referrals without losing all of your time, money, and sanity in the process?

If you’re feeling a little stuck on generating referrals for your business, we have you covered. Here are some of our top tips for getting the ball rolling and getting your business really growing. Keep reading to learn more.



Step one in generating referrals is taking a look at your top prospective clients. This will help you narrow your focus into the right zone, getting you where you need to be to generate new referrals.

For example, if you’re working as a realtor, ideally you would want prospects who are looking for or interested in buying or selling a home. You can narrow this down even further by focusing on life events that would trigger a home purchase or sale, such as moving into an area or out of an area.



On the same note as identifying prospects, you should also take a moment to figure out who your top connections are. Which contacts are the most reactive, most supportive and have the best ability to reach the most relevant people? These friends or acquaintances will be a gold mine of new referrals and be happy to help.

For example, if you’re a financial advisor, a great connection would be a contact who is a CPA – they can recommend your services to their clients when examining their financial documents.



Once you’ve identified your top prospects and clients, the next step is to elaborate further on what you’ve learned. Craft a blog post for each case study and share it on your social media to generate interest in your business.



When attending networking events or meeting up with new networking groups, don’t be afraid to say exactly who and what you’re looking for in a referral. This is the best way to get in touch with your target groups. Once you’ve identified attendees who can help you get in touch with these groups, share your relevant case studies and blog posts with them and ask them to also share this information with their networks and on their social media. Get vocal and get the word out there!



If you want to bypass the entire previous step of finding folks to help you share your case studies, you can skip the hassle and go straight to the MNO Member App. Through this app, you can directly share your case studies and other information across multiple platforms and with a network of relevant individuals via text or email without the hassle of networking.



When asking others to share out your links for referrals, it’s important to also be proactive and share out theirs, too. This builds a network of trust and will mutually benefit both of you. In addition, it’s easier to sell someone else’s services, as it comes off as an endorsement rather than an actual sales pitch.



When securing a referral for your partners, don’t be afraid to ask for a referral in return. The networking game is a two-way street and is a gift that will keep giving, as long as you both work together to mutually benefit one another.



When networking, we oftentimes get stuck in the idea that we need to stay within our industry. Take a walk on the wild side and try cross-networking with other industries – these unique partnerships are highly effective, as they’re often involved with industry-specific circles that are slow to trust outsiders.

For example, many business professionals are reluctant to network with musicians. However, musicians are connected with a variety of other potential referrals, including booking agents, managers, producers, more established artists and fans. If you’re a realtor, perhaps a musician contact would have a manager who is looking to buy a home. In this case, don’t forget to act first and share the musician’s work and attend their shows. If you’re ready to get involved with this cross-industry networking, MNO does offer a Musician-Tier membership.



Always keep the referral-giver in the loop with the progress that you’re making with their referral. And if it results in business bucks for you, don’t be afraid to give back and work to help them generate new clients to keep that referral running. If you have the MNO Member App, you can track the progress of a referral directly and notify the referral-giver of the progress, too.

If they’re a musician, try creating a client appreciation event at their next show or buy their merchandise to gift to your clients.



Even if you’ve identified a top connection that will feed you plenty of referrals, never settle. Keep looking for more connections and don’t let your business get complacent. If your top contacts end up retiring or moving industries, you don’t want to get stuck. So, all in all, keep building your network!

If you want an easy and effective way to keep growing your network and reach, you should absolutely look into a referral group, like MNO. With a networking group like MNO, you can attend weekly meetings with new and existing members to help you keep building your network without any of the extra hassle.

Music Network One (MNO) is a global online business networking platform that will help you increase sales and grow your following. Check out the concept of MNO and what differentiates us from traditional networking groups. Visit a chapter or contact us below. Take that first step today!

How To Increase Sales With Online Business Networking Groups

How To Increase Sales With Online Business Networking Groups

 How to Increase Sales With Online Business Networking Groups

When it comes to growing your music business, it’s often a world of hit-or-miss ideas. From investing in social media or other paid media to simply standing on a street corner and handing out your work, there’s a world of ways that we’ve been told to try to get our names and our craft out there.

But one tried-and-true method of bumping up your music business is often overlooked – online networking groups. Not the typical fan circles you can find on social media and other forums, networking groups combine the best of the business world and the music world. These groups help put musicians in contact with an unlikely ally – the business world! By connecting with business-oriented minds and establishing a support system within, you can build your music business exponentially.

Interested in hearing more about how to bump up your business with online networking groups? Keep reading.

Put Yourself Out There

Always the first step in getting into any industry, actually putting yourself out there is key to starting the process of increasing your business. This doesn’t necessarily mean hopping on a stage and announcing yourself, but rather putting your name and your talent out into the world in a way that gets you noticed in a good way.

With a networking group, you instantly have access to other like-minded individuals who will help you really put yourself out there. You can skip the process of sifting through your contacts and go straight to a group that can really help you make a name for yourself.

Find The Right Group

In any industry, there are plenty of networking groups out there, especially when it comes to the music business. But, finding the right group to network with can be a challenge, especially if you are new to the business.

Rather than jumping in as many groups as you can, we always recommend conserving your resources and sticking to the ones that you know will be most effective. After all, quality is always better than quantity! Look for groups that are active within and without the group. Make it your goal to find a network that will help support you and will be excited to see you grow and succeed. They’ll be able to provide the resources, experience and knowledge that you need to truly build up your business.

Go With Something Unexpected

Like we mentioned before, sometimes it’s best to go with the unlikeliest of allies. Rather than sticking to your guns and only networking within the music industry, try branching out with an online business networking group that includes members from other industries, especially those involved in business. Their professional network will be vastly different than yours, potentially untapped and primed for you to access. These contacts will be able to assist you in expanding your reach and your business even further than ever thought possible!

Music Network One (MNO) is a global online business networking platform that will help you increase sales and grow your following. Check out the concept of MNO and what differentiates us from traditional networking groups. Visit a chapter or contact us below. Take that first step today!