Networking Events Near Me: How Digital Networking Is Changing The Game

Nov 4, 2021 | Business Networking, Online Business Networking | 0 comments

Networking Events Near Me: How Digital Networking Is Changing The Game

In this day and age, the idea of in-person networking is quickly fading away into nonexistence. With 90% of the workforce in America moving to remote work, meeting and networking in person is becoming a thing of the past.

In fact, most entrepreneurs have readily shed this concept and started attending online networking events using such interfaces as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. These platforms allow the ability to bring together professionals from all over the world to network and source referrals in real-time, no travel required.

Troublesome Trends In Online Business Networking

But with so many distractions surrounding an entrepreneur’s life, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep attendees focused on the meetings that they decide to attend. Most attendees shut off their camera and only turn it on to announce what it is that they’re promoting! Once they’re done, they’ll turn off their camera or leave the meeting entirely. Talk about bad networking!

Another trend we’ve seen among entrepreneurs is that they try to join as many online networking events as possible, thinking that if they cast their net wide enough, they’ll be able to reel in more success in sourcing referrals. These serial networkers end up achieving the opposite in the end. They’re always the new face in the room and since networking is synonymous with relationship-building, success with this method is rare.

How To Find Success With Online Networking

Even with these troublesome trends, it’s still possible to find amazing success when networking online. If you’re new to the game and not sure where to start, we’re here to help.

When starting out with this method of networking, it’s always best to visit as many groups as possible to figure out where you feel most at home. Once you find that group, join it and become a part of the group’s success. This group should make you feel excited to attend regular meetings but also should have group priorities that are in line with your values and goals.

Additionally, if you offer services locally, it would be best to look for a local networking group, even if it meets online. If you offer services internally, you’ll want to join a networking group that allows the members to reach people in the markets that they serve.

Oftentimes, the process of finding the right group to join is a lengthy one, but it pays to take the time to find it. After all, good things do take time!

How MNO Can Help You Network Online

If you’re still feeling a bit stuck in the world of online networking, we’re here to help. Our MNO app combines the benefits of being in a local group with the reach of an international market. For example, an insurance agent can join the Nashville-based MNO chapter so that he can serve clients in the Nashville area. But if they’re also licensed in other states, the members will be able to share their feature links in groups and platforms that are in the other states that they are licensed in.

In regards to finding a group that you’ll actually look forward to attending every week, MNO combines members from many different industries, including real estate, financial services and music. Musicians can join to promote their music and are also a great source of referrals, just as business professionals can be a great source of exposure for musicians’ music.

Lastly, MNO employs an entire department that is dedicated to inviting new visitors to all of the chapter’s weekly meetings. This ensures that exciting new energy is brought to the meetings without the members being burdened with inviting new visitors every week.

Are you ready to get started with MNO and ace the online networking game? Visit a Chapter below!