How Can A Musician Generate Referrals For Your Business?

Oct 8, 2021 | Business Networking, MNO Blog | 0 comments

How Can A Musician Generate Referrals
For Your Business?

In this day and age, referrals are key to a healthy and thriving business. After all, nothing beats a personal recommendation from a trusted contact when looking for new business! But after spending years and years working your network, reaching out to your go-to contacts, and attending networking events, it’s often pretty easy to hit a wall in finding new referrals. There’s only so far you can go with the same group of people!

But how do you break through this wall when you’ve exhausted your reach within the industry? Easy – look outside the box. Go somewhere completely unexpected and new to find fresh contacts and promising referrals that you may not have considered and/or had access to before.

Ready to take on that wall and get new referrals and boost your business? We have the perfect place to look for you – the music industry. But why consider musicians? They’re typically not involved in the business world and seem a little out of touch with what you’re looking for, right? Wrong. Musicians are an untapped resource of new business referrals, whether you’re a real estate agent or a financial advisor.

Still on the fence about tapping the music industry for new referrals? Here are some must-know reasons to branch out for your immediate consideration.


Let’s talk about something we’re all definitely familiar with – professional loyalty. Most industries are already familiar with referral groups and networks, and often have pre-existing loyalties to their groups that are difficult to break or break into. It can take years of time and effort to even make a dent!

On the other hand, because business professionals have rarely if ever networked with musicians, it’s highly unlikely that there are already pre-existing loyalties within your industry. In other words, they’re a clean slate and when they come across a referral opportunity, they are more likely to refer that person to someone they know and trust in their network, like you!


Let’s take a step back for a minute and talk about the word ‘fan.’ Derived from the root-word ‘fanatic,’ this word refers to someone who is a loyal follower or admirer of another. No matter what level a musician is at in their career, they more than likely have at least one fan. That one fan could potentially be a client for every single member in the musician’s referral group. Better yet, if a musician joins a referral group, they can even notify their fans that they’ve joined a music networking group and need help promoting its members. This will help open the doors of opportunities with other music industry professionals, including booking agents, radio hosts, venues and opening slots for national acts.


In the music world, it’s all about connections. But, a misconception lies in that these connections only come from the music industry. Most big breaks for musicians actually come from people who know people within the industry. For example, a financial planner’s newest client could be the organizer for the Coachella Music Festival, or the mortgage lender’s next-door neighbor could be the drive-home DJ for the city’s most popular radio show.

The ease of making an introduction or sharing a musician’s music with these high-value connections can potentially be the catalyst that transforms them into a national icon. And, once they’ve amassed thousands of new fans, earned plenty of new income, and networked with well-established musicians, producers, and promoters, they’ll never forget the members of the referral group that helped them back when they were nobodies.

You hear musicians say it all the time: “They’ll be sorry when I make it big one day.” Luckily, the opposite is also true. Can you imagine the impact on a business professional’s business when their website is shared with a musician’s millions of loyal fans?

Ready to take the plunge and start networking with up-and-comers in the music industry? MNO is here to help you get started. With just a couple of clicks, an MNO member can share their fellow member’s links using the right wording to help them grow their business via referrals. Musician members have demonstrated numerous times that their shares generate more referrals for their fellow members than those of business professionals.

What are you waiting for? Start growing your business now with MNO!